Abortion — Things To Consider

If you're considering abortion, we offer free, confidential services to help you find out the facts and make a plan that is best for you.

Steps Before Abortion

If you are thinking about abortion, there are certain questions you need answered.

  1. Verify Your Pregnancy

    First, you need to know if you really are pregnant. As many as 40% of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, and your pregnancy test could still be showing positive. The earliest way to confirm a pregnancy is with a medical grade pregnancy test and ultrasound, which we provide.
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  2. Determine How Far Along You Are

    If you are pregnant, knowing how far along you are will determine the type and cost of an abortion. An ultrasound provides this information.
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  3. Understand the Procedure

    Our counselors will provide information about medical abortion (RU486 or the abortion pill) and surgical abortion. We will talk to you about your situation.

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