Services — Free and Confidential

We have many free and confidential services to help you.

Pregnancy Testing

Free pregnancy tests are provided at all Women’s Care Center locations. Our tests are highly accurate, laboratory quality and you’ll receive your test results in minutes.

Pregnancy Verification

If your pregnancy test is positive, our counselors can provide “proof of pregnancy," needed to receive medical care and other social services.


Free ultrasounds are provided at all Women’s Care Center locations. Even if you are considering abortion, an ultrasound is important. It will tell you if your pregnancy is viable (developing normally) or if you are likely to miscarry. It will also help you date your pregnancy.

Other Services

If you choose to continue your pregnancy, Women’s Care Center can provide you with resources to obtain prenatal care and help with a wide range of services, resources and ongoing support.

Confidential Services

All services at Women’s Care Center are strictly confidential. Minors under 18 years old are welcome to visit Women’s Care Center without parental consent. We will not disclose your visit to anyone without your permission unless we believe there is a physical danger to you or others.